Bob Ross Is God – Feature Comedy

Waking Up With Zombies – Feature Comedy

Bloody Cop – Short Comedy

Losers Like You – 1/2 hour comedy pilot

Cemetery Babes – 15 min comedy pilot

Psychedelic Lunchbox – 15 min animated comedy anthology (7 episodes)

Lousy – Web series (8 episodes)


Orphan Of Reality

Short Stories


The Fragmented Stranger of the Slaughterhouse Awakening


Sketch Shows

Have you ever been at work and thought, “This job is rotting me from the inside. When do I get to not rot from the inside anymore?” Then Work Sucks is the show for you! Written by Tony Espino and performed by Carmat, Work Sucks is a sketch show about dystopian workplace environments. A wonderfully uplifting show for anyone who’s ever fought the urge to slam their head in a filing cabinet under ‘B’ for brains the moment they clock in. The characters in Work Sucks bring to life all the fun that comes along with seeing your human potential wither away at a rate of forty hours a week. Just remember: it does get better. But sometimes it doesn’t.

Flash Fiction

Clit Mag

Bob The Atomic Awesomeness

Sideways Series


Pinecone Venesection

Song Meanings

Snow – Informer

Tupac – I Ain’t Mad At Cha

TLC – What About Your Friends

Naughty By Nature – Hip Hop Hooray

Sketch Comedy


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