TONY ESPINO IMMORTALITY V1.1 ORIGINAL DRAFT 6/30/15 INT. ALIEN RESEARCH LAB – DAY ELROY is looking through a stack of BETSY’S papers with a look of confusion. ELROY What is all this scribble? BETSY That scribble is a language I developed to communicate with the aliens. ELROY Like Pig Latin? BETSY Like Alien Latin. ELROYContinue reading “Immortality”


TONY ESPINO FIREMAN V1.1 ORIGINAL DRAFT 6/17/15 INT. LIVING ROOM – NIGHT OLIVE is waiting impatiently when her son, BART, walks in. OLIVE You’re late, Bart! Where the hell have you been? BART I’ve been all over the place, ma. Places you wouldn’t even dream of. OLIVE Were you in the park playing checkers withContinue reading “Fireman”


TONY ESPINO BRAINFREEZE V1.1 ORIGINAL DRAFT 6/19/15 INT. LIVING ROOM LUCY and JACK are watching tv. Jack is eating a giant bowl of ice cream. LUCY Are you sure you can see the television over that mountain of ice cream you’re eating? JACK Doesn’t matter. They’re all dead on that island anyway. Jack takes aContinue reading “Brainfreeze”


TONY ESPINO AFTERLIFE V1.1 ORIGINAL DRAFT 6/2/15 EXT. ELROY’S HOUSE – DAY ELROY walks up to his front door and tries to unlock it but can’t. Unaware to Elroy there’s a MAN sitting on the curb watching him. ELROY I don’t understand why my house keys aren’t working. Elroy tries unlocking it again, but stillContinue reading “Afterlife”


TONY ESPINO STAND UP V1.1 ORIGINAL DRAFT 6/25/15 INT. COMEDY CLUB – NIGHT ELROY is standing on stage. OLIVE is the only audience member. ELROY How’s everyone doing tonight? OLIVE Big mistake. Never ask that question! ELROY OK. One audience member who was able to make it out tonight. OLIVE Make me laugh! ELROY IContinue reading “Standup”


TONY ESPINO MAILMAN V1.1 ORIGINAL DRAFT 6/24/15 I/E. BETSY’S HOUSE – DAY A MAILMAN rings BETSY’S doorbell and she opens the door. BETSY Hey, Mr. Postman. What did you bring me today? MAILMAN (singing the blues) There is no mail today. So I’m just delivering you the blues. BETSY And who’s paying for the shipping?Continue reading “Mailman”


TONY ESPINO TIMEOUT V1.1 ORIGINAL DRAFT 6/3/15 INT. LIVING ROOM – DAY OTTO and BETSY are arguing in front of their ten-year-old daughter, STACY. BETSY Why would you say that to me? OTTO Sorry, I just won’t say anything to you anymore. BETSY You’re such a jerk! STACY Mom! Dad! Knock it off! I saidContinue reading “Timeout”