TONY ESPINO SCARE CUT V1.1 ORIGINAL DRAFT 6/23/15 INT. BARBER SHOP – DAY OLIVE is in the middle of cutting ELROY’S hair. OLIVE I have no idea what to make for dinner tonight. Oh no! I have to stop cutting your hair. ELROY No you don’t. OLIVE I really do. There’s a ghost in it.Continue reading “Scarecut”


TONY ESPINO PAPER CUT V1.1 ORIGINAL DRAFT 6/22/15 EXT. STREET CORNER – DAY CARL is walking down the street when he bumps into SHEILA. Her shirt is covered in blood with a few drops on her pants. CARL Hey Sheila, how’s it going? Where’s all this blood from? SHEILA Relax it’s just a paper cut.Continue reading “Papercut”


TONY ESPINO BUBBLES V1.1 ORIGINAL DRAFT 6/4/15 INT. BATHROOM – DAY ELROY is taking a bubble bath when OTTO walks in. ELROY Hey! Don’t you knock? I’m bubble bathing here. OTTO I know. I think your bath lured away one of our bubbles. ELROY Again? OTTO I was outside with Sheila washing the car andContinue reading “Bubbles”

Snow White

TONY ESPINO ANTI-SNOW WHITE V1.1 ORIGINAL DRAFT 8/6/15 EXT. FOREST – DAY GRUMPY is sitting down against a tree, with one eye shut, playing with a stick. GRUMPY Snow White has turned into such a bitch lately. SLEEPY notices Grumpy and sits down next to him. SLEEPY You grumpy? GRUMPY What you can’t tell usContinue reading “Snow White”


TONY ESPINO CLIFF V1.1 ORIGINAL DRAFT 7/3/15 EXT. CLIFF – DAY OTTO has ALICE cornered at the edge of a cliff with nowhere to go. ALICE Oh no. I’m on a cliff. This is terible. OTTO Nowhere to go now. So hand it over. ALICE Hand what over? OTTO You know what I’m here forContinue reading “Cliff”


TONY ESPINO TRAFFIC V1.1 ORIGINAL DRAFT 7/16/15 I/E. CAR – DAY OTTO is in the driver’s seat, ELROY is beside him in the passenger’s seat. They’re siting in slow-moving traffic. OTTO This traffic is really making me hate life. ELROY There’s probably not even a good reason for it. OTTO There better be dead bodiesContinue reading “Traffic”