Tiny Moments with Bloody Cop

​Detective Murky: Kids, this is Bloody Cop here to tell you not to be filthy dirtbags.  Director: Let’s try that again. Little less adlib this time. And maybe put out the cigarette. Detective Murky: Kids, Bloody Cop here to remind you about personal hygiene. Right now I’m brushing my teeth. Ain’t cause I want to,Continue reading “Tiny Moments with Bloody Cop”

Clit Mag Rewind (Issue 2) – Dicks of Blood Bleeding

​Carl just got home from a long, hard day at work. As he walked through the front door the lights came on and people jumped out and yelled surprise. It was Carl’s twenty-first birthday, and all his friends gathered to celebrate. Carl’s wife Debbie said, “Happy Birthday, guy. You’re getting a dang vasectomy.” “Uh…What? When?”Continue reading “Clit Mag Rewind (Issue 2) – Dicks of Blood Bleeding”

Clit Mag Rewind (Issue 3) – Koala Bears and Nursing Homes

​Justine had a love for koala bears unmatched by anyone in her nursing home. Even though she was just nineteen she wanted nothing more than to be an  old, feeble dying lady. That’s why her heart sank when the warden came in and punched her in the face with words like, “You’re too young forContinue reading “Clit Mag Rewind (Issue 3) – Koala Bears and Nursing Homes”

Tiny Moments with Bloody Cop

​Detective Murky: Hurry up and catch up to them already, Gonzalez! Detective Gonzalez: Pedal is to the metal, partner. Murky: That ain’t good enough. I’ll be back. Gonzalez: Christ, Hank. Get back here. Why are you going on the hood? Murky: I seen it in a movie. Calm down. Gonzalez: We’re going 72 miles–71 milesContinue reading “Tiny Moments with Bloody Cop”

Tiny Moments with Bloody Cop

​Jane Murky: Were you out copping all day, big boy? Detective Murky: That’s right. Jane Murky: You know what they say about a man who comes home all covered in blood. Detective Murky: I don’t do gossip, lady. Jane Murky: It means other things are probably covered in blood too. Wink. Wink. Detective Murky: AreContinue reading “Tiny Moments with Bloody Cop”