TONY ESPINO FLIES V1.1 ORIGINAL DRAFT 7/7/15 INT. RESTAURANT – NIGHT OTTO and ALICE are sitting across from each other at a fancy restaurant. Alice is grabbing flies out of the air and eating them. OTTO Why you eating all the flies? ALICE Don’t start judging me again, Otto. Alice snatches a fly off theContinue reading “Flies”

Ancient Betsy

TONY ESPINO ANCIENT BETSY V1.1 ORIGINAL DRAFT 5/19/2015 INT. BATHROOM BETSY is staring in the mirror talking to ELROY standing behind her. She’s scrunching her face in unnatural positions. BETSY Look at this wrinkle on my forehead. I’m ancient. ELROY (sarcastic) Yup. You’re so ancient. BETSY I’m like dying right before my eyes. This sucks.Continue reading “Ancient Betsy”


TONY ESPINO QUICKSAND V1.1 ORIGINAL DRAFT 5/28/15 EXT. WOODS – DAY OLIVE and BETSY are walking through the woods. BETSY I have no idea how we lost your mom. She was right behind us. Olive checks her cellphone. OLIVE She just texted me. She’s stuck in quicksand. BETSY What did she say? OLIVE “I’m stuckContinue reading “Quicksand”