True Song Meaning | Beyonce “Die With You”

Lyrics: I don’t have a reason to cry And I have every reason to smile I don’t have a reason to lie When you’re already reading my mind And I don’t have a reason to be, if I can’t be with you And I don’t need air in my lungs, if I can’t sing yourContinue reading “True Song Meaning | Beyonce “Die With You””

Song Meaning – TLC(What About Your Friends)

Lyrics or What I Hear: what about your friends are they gonna beat on down will they turn their backs on you? you don’t understand I act a little funny I wouldn’t change nuffa won’t mind me I’ll be a friend as long as you’re a friend to me yeaaaah yeaah even though I mightContinue reading “Song Meaning – TLC(What About Your Friends)”