5 Minutes of What?

“The universe is disguising its intentions. It must unveil them before it’s too late,” Roxanne said. “If it has no plans on helping us deliver this short film to the masses then we need to start persuading it.” “Fuck this universe if it doesn’t want to help,” Nina said. “There’s other universes we can ask.”Continue reading “5 Minutes of What?”

Clit Mag Rewind  (Issue 3) – A Little Life

​Eliza was chasing something through the halls of her college building. “Oh my god! Someone catch it! It’s going too fast!” she exclaimed. Finally she cornered the scurrying little creature. “Holy shit, it’s a little life! Look everyone it’s a life! Let’s burn it!” The life looked up at Eliza and said, “Take it easy.Continue reading “Clit Mag Rewind  (Issue 3) – A Little Life”

Tiny Moments with Bloody Cop 

​Detective Murky: Feels good to walk through the forest. Breathe in this organic nature. It’s a welcome break from police brutality.  Detective Gonzalez: Don’t get all mushy on me. Detective Murky: I’m just living from my heart center. You should try–hey what do we got here? Detective Gonzalez: Dammit, Murky. Don’t touch the wilderness. DetectiveContinue reading “Tiny Moments with Bloody Cop “

Clit Mag Rewind  (Issue 2) – Boris and Boobies

​Boris’ mom had that look in her eyes again, then came the fury. “Boris your boobs are stuck to the dinner table again!” It was a typical Friday evening in January and Boris’ boobs were drenched in sweat. Then just like clockwork he reached for the creamed corn and his boobies got stuck to theContinue reading “Clit Mag Rewind  (Issue 2) – Boris and Boobies”

Tiny Moments with Bloody Cop (A-Z)

​Detective Murky: All these flowers and I’m the only one eating them? Detective Gonzalez: Because it’s a flower show for folks to admire their beauty not eat them. Detective Murky: Can’t take me anywhere. Detective Gonzalez: Detective work is what we’re here for. Either get with the program, Murky, or– Detective Murky:  Funny is whatContinue reading “Tiny Moments with Bloody Cop (A-Z)”

Clit Mag Rewind  (Issue 3) – Just A Broken Toilet?

​Leroy was repairing his toilet when the whole thing exploded, shooting water throughout the entire bathroom. Leroy took a closer look where the toilet once stood to find the cause for such an explosion. What he found was a a deep hole at least hundreds of feet below the Earth. Quickly Leroy ran to putContinue reading “Clit Mag Rewind  (Issue 3) – Just A Broken Toilet?”

Clit Mag Rewind  (Issue 5) – Peter Pee Pee Face

​“Peter, these christmas lights make me wanna piss in your face,” Peter’s wife, Linda, said to him. “Really?” Peter asked. “Yeah I don’t know why. But when I look at them and then look at you, I wanna piss in your face,” she said. “What a strange phenomena,” Peter said. “Do you think it’s becauseContinue reading “Clit Mag Rewind  (Issue 5) – Peter Pee Pee Face”

Clit Mag Rewind  (Issue 1) – Johnny From The Tracks

​There was a boy named Johnny who grew up on the right side of the tracks with good friends, good family and hot chicks. Then one day Johnny started chopping all of their heads off and couldn’t understand why. Unbeknownst to Johnny he was diagnosed at a young age with being a ninja. Finally hisContinue reading “Clit Mag Rewind  (Issue 1) – Johnny From The Tracks”