TONY ESPINO HANGMAN V1.1 ORIGINAL DRAFT 5/20/15 EXT. GALLOWS DAY We see an EXECUTIONER placing a noose around BETSY’S neck. EXECUTIONER I now sentence you to death by hanging. BETSY No! You can’t do that. EXECUTIONER Sure I can. Watch. BETSY Wait! Please. I have a family. A husband and children who need me. EXECUTIONERContinue reading “Hanging”


TONY ESPINO CLIFF V1.1 ORIGINAL DRAFT 7/3/15 EXT. CLIFF – DAY OTTO has ALICE cornered at the edge of a cliff with nowhere to go. ALICE Oh no. I’m on a cliff. This is terible. OTTO Nowhere to go now. So hand it over. ALICE Hand what over? OTTO You know what I’m here forContinue reading “Cliff”


TONY ESPINO TRAFFIC V1.1 ORIGINAL DRAFT 7/16/15 I/E. CAR – DAY OTTO is in the driver’s seat, ELROY is beside him in the passenger’s seat. They’re siting in slow-moving traffic. OTTO This traffic is really making me hate life. ELROY There’s probably not even a good reason for it. OTTO There better be dead bodiesContinue reading “Traffic”


TONY ESPINO IMMORTALITY V1.1 ORIGINAL DRAFT 6/30/15 INT. ALIEN RESEARCH LAB – DAY ELROY is looking through a stack of BETSY’S papers with a look of confusion. ELROY What is all this scribble? BETSY That scribble is a language I developed to communicate with the aliens. ELROY Like Pig Latin? BETSY Like Alien Latin. ELROYContinue reading “Immortality”

Dead Bod

TONY ESPINO DEAD BOD V1.1 ORIGINAL DATE 5/14/15 ELROY is crossing the street talking on his cell phone. ELROY (on phone) I’ll be home in ten minutes as long as I don’t get hit by a car. Oh no a car! Elroy gets hit by a car and falls down. A woman named STACY runsContinue reading “Dead Bod”


TONY ESPINO FIREMAN V1.1 ORIGINAL DRAFT 6/17/15 INT. LIVING ROOM – NIGHT OLIVE is waiting impatiently when her son, BART, walks in. OLIVE You’re late, Bart! Where the hell have you been? BART I’ve been all over the place, ma. Places you wouldn’t even dream of. OLIVE Were you in the park playing checkers withContinue reading “Fireman”


TONY ESPINO BRAINFREEZE V1.1 ORIGINAL DRAFT 6/19/15 INT. LIVING ROOM LUCY and JACK are watching tv. Jack is eating a giant bowl of ice cream. LUCY Are you sure you can see the television over that mountain of ice cream you’re eating? JACK Doesn’t matter. They’re all dead on that island anyway. Jack takes aContinue reading “Brainfreeze”


TONY ESPINO AFTERLIFE V1.1 ORIGINAL DRAFT 6/2/15 EXT. ELROY’S HOUSE – DAY ELROY walks up to his front door and tries to unlock it but can’t. Unaware to Elroy there’s a MAN sitting on the curb watching him. ELROY I don’t understand why my house keys aren’t working. Elroy tries unlocking it again, but stillContinue reading “Afterlife”