A Short Recount of the Certainty of Death

I open my umbrella. My skin is charred from the sun. I’m usually around six feet, but fatigue has left me several inches shorter over the past few days. The beetle in the palm of my hand doesn’t move. A few feet away, almost invisible, sits a chipped human molar on the ground. Despite myContinue reading “A Short Recount of the Certainty of Death”

Psychedelic Lunchbox | Role Model

EXT. DESERT – DAY An EGYPTIAN WOMAN stands on top of a pyramid and places thefinal brick in place. She slides down the side and lands atthe bottom, disappearing for a moment in a cloud of dust. As the dust settles we see her opening a lunchbox. She gazesinside and notices her sandwich has beenContinue reading “Psychedelic Lunchbox | Role Model”

Cure For The Summer Camp Blues

I chug the sands of time from the hourglass and cough up a crystal ball. One of the few tricks I’ve learned here at summer camp. It’s the only thing that calms me during my panic attacks. Another instance of the signals from my heart and brain crashing into each other from across the room.Continue reading “Cure For The Summer Camp Blues”

Overheard in Woods

VOICE 1Plenty of possibilities here for all of you to discuss what we should kill.VOICE 2We shouldn’t do the killing thing. Let’s do the loving thing, man.VOICE 1You’re high. You would say that.VOICE 2Yeah I totally would. I did. I said it. What’d I say again?VOICE 1They can’t all stay. There’s simply too many. IContinue reading “Overheard in Woods”

Overheard on Mountaintop

VOICE 1 Reading the meter this early in the afternoon? Think that’s a wise decision, killer? VOICE 2 I’ve made a lot of dubious decisions but this one takes  the cake I must say. So yes I think this to be a most wise display of my brain faculties at play. VOICE 1 Didn’t need all thatContinue reading “Overheard on Mountaintop”