Clit Mag Rewind  (Issue 5) – Heads Will Roll

​Eddie was a chiropractor, and he was adjusting the first patient of the day. “How does that feel?” he asked the lady. “Good,” she said. “Ok I’m going to crack your neck now,” Eddie said. As he was cracking her neck her head fell off. “Eh. WTF,” Eddie said to himself. “Such bullshit,” he saidContinue reading “Clit Mag Rewind  (Issue 5) – Heads Will Roll”

Clit Mag Rewind (Issue 5) – Land of Wax Chickens

In the land of wax chickens only the unmeltable survive. And Clive the chicken was not unmeltable. He woke up and opened the French doors in his bedroom and walked onto the balcony. He took a deep breath of air into his chicken lungs and then called for his servant. A young chicken with TwinkiesContinue reading “Clit Mag Rewind (Issue 5) – Land of Wax Chickens”

Tiny Moments with Bloody Cop

​Jane Murky: Were you out copping all day, big boy? Detective Murky: That’s right. Jane Murky: You know what they say about a man who comes home all covered in blood. Detective Murky: I don’t do gossip, lady. Jane Murky: It means other things are probably covered in blood too. Wink. Wink. Detective Murky: AreContinue reading “Tiny Moments with Bloody Cop”

Clit Mag Rewind (Issue 5) – Fart Gallery 

Ben was arguing with the director at the art gallery yelling, “Why doesn’t it smell in here?” “Excuse me? I’m not sure what you mean,” the art director said. Ben started sniffing very loudly and said, “I thought this was a fart gallery! I expected it to smell like one!” “It’s an art gallery, sir.Continue reading “Clit Mag Rewind (Issue 5) – Fart Gallery “

5 Tips for a Funeral You Won’t Forget

5 Tips for a Funeral You Won’t Forget Sometimes it’s almost a total bummer walking into a room with a dead body. Everyone appears to be so reserved. But with a little effort you can be the life of the funeral. A star in the big lights of decaying corpses. That could be you: Mr.Continue reading “5 Tips for a Funeral You Won’t Forget”