TONY ESPINO QUICKSAND V1.1 ORIGINAL DRAFT 5/28/15 EXT. WOODS – DAY OLIVE and BETSY are walking through the woods. BETSY I have no idea how we lost your mom. She was right behind us. Olive checks her cellphone. OLIVE She just texted me. She’s stuck in quicksand. BETSY What did she say? OLIVE “I’m stuckContinue reading “Quicksand”


TONY ESPINO TESTING V1.1 ORIGINAL DRAFT 5/27/15 INT. CLASSROOM – DAY BETSY sits at her desk staring blankly at her test. OTTO sits behind her. MR. COOPER sits at his desk. BETSY Brain you need to start working. What’s your deal? She taps her head. BETSY (CONT’D) Anyone home? I need some answers. OTTO CanContinue reading “Testing”

The Fragmented Stranger of The Slaughterhouse Awakening

The Fragmented Stranger of The Slaughterhouse Awakening I Life. This was it. Dragon Bordello was walking the city’s spine when his head fell off. For a moment, the busy sidewalk of pedestrians stood naked before the street. Dragon’s head tumbled onto the sidewalk and rolled through clouds of dust before coming to a stop. HeContinue reading “The Fragmented Stranger of The Slaughterhouse Awakening”