I threw myself through the roof again. I do this whenever people are over. People I don’t like. This anti-social behavior is the only thing keeping me alive. Me as in whatever part of me that’s floating across the street, not that body thing back there. I don’t know what the hell’s keeping that alive.Continue reading “Detached”

Like Ghost but Different

MEDIUMI’m sensing the ghost of your mother. She brings wine and flowers. CUSTOMEROh. That’s my mom. I just know it is. MEDIUMThat’s what I said. I would know. She says she loves you. CUSTOMERI knew it. My mom LOVED me. She still does. I just know she does. MEDIUMYup. She just told me. That’s howContinue reading “Like Ghost but Different”

Conspiracy Theory Killed by the Beautiful Fauna

There I happened, stupid.This cartoony brain in a doorWe filled with a beautiful theoryAbout a spotted dimensionDreaming adviceDreaming becauseDreaming remembers the giantWith paranormal forces to another headOutlaw dreaming aboutThe implanted brainMY headThis thing I can’t avoidEntering everyone’s front doorCoughing, mining a rumorWe’re masquerading as dimensions

Underlining the Seconds

glued, thirsty human to shirtyou, me, some sweaty ceilingthe fan looks panickeddespite told-you-so windowthe heart sits on icenot in the character’s bodyi’m sun, the exhausteda growing glob of rattlesnakesseeping into another adventurewith an optimistic umbrellafocused like poisonmy clammy kneesare amazing

Tower Eighteen is Weak

disease-ridden filthy friendsdisliked baseball and onionsthrew out yearswith basketball eyesi almost know a lazy personhaving skin and blood and wingsmy memory’s flattened and faxedi fear the oceanswind skin, seashell thingpulled me, rejected mewished me happy birthdaydisliked my reminded monthsanticipationfriendssomewhere eerie mefeels discomforton brand and defective

Uncanny Potential

imagine a spiderovercoming silencein waves of dirtwearing a rat auracreating the chapter’s insidea boneless caretakerspider footsteps inside youappear olderlike a lonely, old cracktears change from hot to arguethere’s an underneaththe beating butterfliesthe spider sets free its entrailsslipping carnagea dustpan