On this site you can find samples of my writing that should entice you to offer me creative opportunities beyond my wildest dreams in exchange for my soul. We will both get what we want. You will also be Satan. We’ll have a good working relationship, and I won’t be afraid to high-five you in public. My friends won’t get sick of hearing me talk about you, because I won’t have friends anymore. I will devote all my love and compassion to you and only you. We’ll text at random times during the day when I’m at work. You’ll send me memes that I don’t find funny, but I’ll type lol anyway and then delete it and type haha. I will do this so you don’t mistake lol for some esoteric speaking of tongues which might suggest I’m more into some southern God than the mighty Satan. Together we can live the dream is what I’m trying to say.

Portal to auction my soul via electronic

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, Tony. I came to say thanks for visiting and liking my story “Anthropology 101.” Unfortunately, I just discovered that half the story had disappeared from the post. So I’m not sure you actually got to read the whole thing. There wasn’t much to really like in the part that was still posted, but the last part is the truly funny part of the story. Just wanted you to know so that if you didn’t get to read the really funny part before it disappeared, you’ll know it’s on there now in case you want to get the “rest of the story.”

    1. No problem. I did notice it ended abruptly like it got cut off. I thought maybe it was my phone not loading properly. I liked the premise of where it was heading. I figured I would try to read the rest later. I guess I can do that now. Thanks!

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