Unthinkable Cramps | Sasha n Yoyo.Riding That Train

Yoyo’s face blurs like a static tv station as she rides the poisonous horse into the sunset. Its hooves kicking up loose gravel as they close in on the locomotive. Sasha reaches out her old man arm and pulls herself into a train car. The horse spits venom at her boots and melts her laces.
Sasha: What the hell’s wrong with that thing?
Yoyo: She thinks you’re leaving her. Tell her we’ll come back for her.
Sasha: No. I’m not — Listen, horse we’ll —
Yoyo: Belinda. That’s her name.
Sasha: When did you have time to name a horse?
Yoyo: It took two seconds. I named her after the daughter I always wanted.
Sasha: But you have a daughter.
Yoyo: Yeah. But not the one I always wanted.
Sasha: Come on. Give me your hand. Belinda, take care. We’ll be back for ya. Go do whatever venomous horses do at nighttime.
Sasha pulls Yoyo aboard the moving train.
Yoyo: That reminds me. If you see anything that looks gift worthy let me know. I have to get the daughter a Christmas gift.
Sasha: Unless she drinks whatever that is I don’t think you’re gonna find anything for her out here.
Sasha points to a ten gallon drum leaking a glowing orange fluid.
Yoyo: It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Something from Santa.
They move from one car to the next. The trail of orange fluid continues across the floor. There’s no signs of life. Yoyo imagines the train filled with holiday music and bright lights dancing to all the classics. The smell of hot chocolate and apple cider inviting her to curl up on a train seat and read a fun detective novel while young children laugh and carol around her. She imagines disappearing into another world within her fantasy far, far away from the high intensity stress of self-preservation. It’s a peaceful moment in her mind that never happened in reality. She’s determined to hold it, follow it to its natural conclusion of serenity. But even in her fantasy some things are too good to be true and an overly excited kid sticks a candy cane in her hair.
Yoyo: Kids suck! Ya know? They really do.
Sasha: How old is yours?
Yoyo: I don’t know. Sixteen? Seventeen? It’s all just one big nightmare from birth on.
Sasha: She still believes in Santa?
Yoyo: Yeah. I mean…do you still believe in God?
They exit the car and slide open the next door. Any fantasy of joyful music and holiday cheer is dead on arrival at the sight of humans feasting on their own deceased. The click of the door shutting calls them like a dinner bell. They turn their attention to Sasha and Yoyo with mouths dripping in stale flesh and blood with eyes void of human awareness. Their skin flakes away in shades of gray like old leather. The seats drip orange liquid onto the floor causing Sasha and Yoyo to struggle to stay upright as they reach for their weapons.
Sasha draws both revolvers from her chest and begins picking off the thirsters one by one with bullets to the skull. Yoyo ducks behind a seat with her rifle aimed at the pack as she sends brains flying out the train window. Sasha aims and pulls the trigger. Nothing.
Sasha: I’m out.
Yoyo: There’s too many. We gotta find another way.
Yoyo tries to go back through the door they came through, but it won’t open. The thirsters move in closer, moaning with an insatiable desire for flesh.
Sasha: Hurry up!
Yoyo: It won’t open!
Yoyo tries to shoot at the thirster closing in on them but realizes she’s out of ammo. The thirster throws itself on Sasha and drags her to the ground. She tries to kick it off, but there’s no room to move. She’s stuck on the floor in the tight fit between two seats. Why did a living nightmare have to happen in coach, she wonders.
Yoyo: Get off my woman, you pig!
Yoyo smashes the butt of her rifle into the the back of the thirster’s head until it crumbles like a ginger bread house.
Sasha: Your woman, huh?
Yoyo: Just sounded good. I wouldn’t read too much —
Sasha: Watch out!
Sasha shoves a thirster away from Yoyo, but it latches on as she pushes it. She grabs the arm holding on to her and kicks its body into the seat. The body goes but the arm stays. Sasha holds up the arm, spraying blood in the air like a trophy.
Sasha: Check this out!
She swings the arm, smashing thirster skulls until they resemble nothing more than lumps of raw, beaten meat with brains oozing out the ears. She tosses the arm on the ground out of exhaustion. But a moment too soon as more thirsters descend from the roof of the car and climb along the exterior, attempting to force their way through the windows. Sasha and Yoyo put their backs to each other and prepare for one last stand.
The thirsters begin to claw their way through half open windows, but suddenly stop. They flop onto the seats with only torsos intact. Others get sucked away into the night like a large vacuum swallowed them. There’s a large silhouette of a winged creature flying next to the train. It sticks its head through a window, exposing its sharp fangs. It neighs and shoots streams of venom, melting away the brains of the final thirsters crawling with morbid hunger across the blood-soaked seats.
Yoyo: Belinda! When did you get wings?
Belinda shrugs and motions to the full moon.
Yoyo: I didn’t want to say anything, but I think the dynamite might have been in the other car.
Sasha: Ya know, I never believed in God. But now…I still don’t.

*** ** *** **

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Published by tony espino

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3 thoughts on “Unthinkable Cramps | Sasha n Yoyo.Riding That Train

  1. A very intense read, Tony. 🙂
    I could picture the entire scene.
    Thirsters – I like the name you gave those blood-thirsty monsters.
    Gray and flaking and dripping from the mouths. Gruesome.

    “Sasha: But you have a daughter.
    Yoyo: Yeah. But not the one I always wanted.”

    Hilarious! I can feel this…Haha.
    Belinda deserves a standing ovation. So do you. Awesome!

    1. Thanks, Terveen! That’s very kind of you. Sometimes you don’t always get the daughter you wanted and you have to make due with a horse that spits venom. First world problems for sure.

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