Unthinkable Cramps | Season 1

Towns have rules. Small or large they all follow the basic rules of abiding by the forward march of time and the laws of physics. But there’s always one town that doesn’t play by the rules.

Welcome to Unthinkable Cramps. A small, surreal town where time does its own thing. Sometimes it exists, other times it doesn’t. What is real here are the people and their individual realities shifting as they may be. So come along and experience these little slice of life moments of the inhabitants of Unthinkable Cramps. 

Ep. 1 – Ria

Ep. 2 – Murky & Sanchez

Ep. 3 – Sasha & Yoyo

Ep. 4 – Diane & Decaying George

Ep. 5 – Mac & Nova

Special Announcements!

Ep. 6 – Ria|Remote Viewing

Ep. 7 – Murky|Dinner

Ep. 8 – Sasha & Yoyo in the Shapeshifting Factory

Ep. 9 – Diane & Shelia

Ep. 10 – Mac, Nova and The New Guy

Special Announcements!

Ep. 11 – Ria | Jerry the Monk

Ep. 12 – Sasha & Yoyo*One-Armed Lady Bandit

Ep. 13 – Decaying George -n- Doors

Ep. 14 – Murky & Sanchez on It’s Poddy Time

Ep. 15 – Carlos the Rebel

Special Announcements!

Ep. 16 – Ria.Enter the Heart

Ep.17 – Sasha & Yoyo.Dynamite!

Ep. 18 – Lady Griddlebone & Friends

Ep. 19 – Murky. Bloody. And Drunk.

Ep. 20 – Mac & Nova.The Great Escape

Special Announcements!

Ep. 21 – Ria and Cat

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a human. for now.

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