Dream Time Radio

Welcome and good night. This is Dream Time Radio broadcasting outside of time to bring you…

For a slice of local news in a far off land a device created to enhance the imagination has been built by a man who has grown fed up with his lack of imagination. To prevent a riot we ask that no one tell him he used his imagination to create this device.

If you can dream it…

Let’s close that door. For those looking to chant pay attention. It doesn’t matter if your bod is asleep or resting or being torn to pieces by midnight woodchucks. One easy way to do this is to stop breathing. Soon you’ll be gasping for air and this…this is how we chant to seduce the gods.

You’re receiving a text message right now that you can’t read. It’s from…

Falling. You will be if you don’t slide over. The edge is near. Falling off the bed is a lifetime in oblivion. Don’t open your eyes.

Coughing up grasshoppers is a sign of purity. Suddenly everyone wants to sit and eat at your table. You pull out a sandwich bag of french toast. Someone’s beard makes fun of you…

Your friend is in two places at once. You’re lost. The block moved as you walked around it.

The midnight woodchucks have agreed among themselves to wear wigs. Humming is an ancient ritual to bring them closer to…weird weird wood, wanting, waiting to be…

Biohazard Bertha is doing wheelies on her dirt bike outside your window. Forget about her. Stay here. She’s not a threat. What’s a threat?

If it grows and that’s a big if…what will it loom over? It’s a new house full of surprises. Let’s not show anyone what’s happening in the closet. 

You’re gasping for sweet oxygen. Sweet sweet…sweetness. We don’t have such problems here. Nothing to get addicted to. Chant as if your life depends on snoop dogs doggstyle album

Remember what I told you. Now your head is hanging off the bed. You opened your eyes. I told you not to open your eyes. You should be looking at the floor. But now you’re frozen from fear. Your strong intent to scream is making me uncomfortable and not making for very good radio. There’s a sense that screaming will eradicate the horror you feel looking at yourself looking back at you from another dimension. Without a release valve the fear becomes too much and you disappear. 

Wave to your friend. So far away. Everyone gets lost trying to find their new house. They understand. One of me will see you later they say. You turn around and wave goodbye to your friend so far away. In so many spots at once.

Murder for hire Monkees. You discovered a title for your next film. The band gets back together and it’s the last train to clarksville…because they murder it. They murder everything. For a price. Then they sing about it for free.

Thank you. Yes you. For listening and worshipping dream time radio. I didn’t forget about you. You disappeared and now you’re flat on your back in some white room. I send a hand down. You grab it. It pulls you up and out. This week you’ll wonder who’s hand that was. You’re awake now.

Subliminal messaging in 3, 2…


6 responses to “Dream Time Radio”

  1. This is such an understanding read! Wonderful! 🙂

    1. Thanks! I appreciate it!

      1. Sorry, I meant to say ‘interesting read’. I guess I’m hung up on ‘understanding’ things too much. 🙂

  2. Wonderful, Tony! I look forward to reading more of your work. 🙂

  3. Dear Tony, Interesting article.

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