Tiny Moments with Bloody Cop 

​Detective Murky: Feels good to walk through the forest. Breathe in this organic nature. It’s a welcome break from police brutality. 

Detective Gonzalez: Don’t get all mushy on me.

Detective Murky: I’m just living from my heart center. You should try–hey what do we got here?

Detective Gonzalez: Dammit, Murky. Don’t touch the wilderness.

Detective Murky: It ain’t no big deal.

Detective Gonzalez: Those are robot arms, you dumb dilly.

Detective Murky: They’re mine now. And look they’re already covered in blood.

Detective Gonzalez: Don’t go putting them arms on now.

Detective Murky: Relax. It’s too late.

Detective Gonzalez: They look like shit on you.

Detective Murky: You’re just jealous I got bloody robot arms and you don’t.

Detective Gonzalez: Those ain’t for you. Just put them back where you got them.

Detective Murky: Check it out. They move like a machine. This feels alright.

Detective Gonzalez: Here. Try to stop this bullet.

Detective Murky: That was easy.

Detective Gonzalez: I’m impressed.

Detective Murky: I like that I don’t have to make the noises with my mouth anymore. Watch me pick up this water tower.

Detective Gonzalez: Maybe I was wrong. Maybe those robot arms were a good choice for you. I apologize.

Robot: I do not appreciate you appropriating robot culture, human.

Detective Murky: Leave me alone.

Robot: Take off the arms. It is full of disrespect what you are doing.

Detective Murky: Go get some human arms if that’s what this is about, you ugly clunker.

Robot: It is in bad taste to imitate us when you have not experienced the oppression that we have. You have faulty wiring if you find it suitable to play robot.

Detective Murky: Get outta here. You metal heads ain’t faced no oppression.

Robot Hunter: Duck important humans! I’m about to blow this oppressed robot’s head off and tear its arms off for trophies. 

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