Tiny Moments with Bloody Cop 

​Detective Murky: I can sing back up vocals.

Police Chief: What the hell are you talking about, Murky?

Detective Murky: The band, idiot. I can sing back up.

Police Chief: Not a band. A ban. On police brutality. You folks gotta knock it off.

Detective Murky: We can’t write catchy lyrics about that.

Police Chief: There won’t be any lyrics.

Detective Murky: An instrumental? We’ll anger the whole community if we do that.

Police Chief: They’re already angry because of the brutality on their lives. This here is me telling you pigs that we need non violent resolutions to conflicts.

Detective Murky: Now you want us to play patty cake.

Police Chief: I swear to God, Murky, if I catch you playing patty cake–

Detective Murky: What? What the hell will you do?

Police Chief: I will calmly ask you to try jazz hands or something else instead to get it out of your system. Then if you’re feeling alright you can get back to work if it’s not too stressful.

Detective Murky: I can’t walk down the damn street without a cannibal trying to eat me. You mean to tell me I’m supposed to stop them with words that aren’t attached to fists?

Police Chief: It won’t be easy but neither was switching to jail cells instead of walk in freezers.

Detective Murky: Isn’t it against the law to try and put love in our hearts like this?

Police Chief: Any other questions?

Detective Murky: Gonzalez, ask him if I think this is bullshit.

Detective Gonzalez: Chief, I want to know: do you think Murky thinks this is bullshit?

Police Chief: That moron is covered in anal blood. I don’t care what he thinks.

Detective Murky: It ain’t my anal blood. Hey that’s a good song title. Anyone want to harmonize? I’ll go high with, I can’t believe it ain’t my anal blood.

Detective Gonzalez l (singing): I can’t believe it–

Police Chief: You damn imbeciles. That’s not how you harmonize. It goes like this.

Published by tony espino

a human. for now.

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