Phantom Vol. 1

Phantom is the story, told by a narrator behind the wheel of a car, about a Phantom made out of loneliness by a Mad Lady. His unusual adventures begin when he becomes part of someone’s art collection against his will.
Each folder entry seems to be composed of two parts: the narrator’s own journal entry and the story of the Phantom. The pages were lost and scattered over time and are just now beginning to be discovered. Volume 1 has been assembled in the same order in which the pages have been found to this point.


5 responses to “Phantom Vol. 1”

  1. Read a bit of the folders. Interesting. I have s novella called The Phantom Speaks, also where there are several narrators, the phantom among them. Trade hard copies?

    1. Thanks for checking it out. That’s pretty crazy we both have something so similar. I would love to trade if I had a hard copy. I’m working on trying to bind a copy myself. Nothing too fancy. I’ll let you know when I stop being lazy and actually do it.

      1. Well, we can trade ebooks. Mine is illustrated, so it works better in print. The ebook didnt come out too hot. Cheers.

        1. Sounds good to me. What’s you email? I’ll see if I can gift this to you.

          1. Good. I’m
            I’ll be away for a few days, tho. Send me your address and I’ll send you a copy of phantom speaks.

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