Talentless | how much is that air?

“Now this is living. Am I right?” Carlos was one of those guys who have like a umm…reason to live. Every once in a while you meet someone like that. It blows my god damn mind really. I mean we’re blowing dust off this worm’s insides on a daily basis, and it’s almost as if he enjoys it. What’s his problem? You’re not supposed to be so cheerful for lacking talent. Be miserable already would you, Carlos?
“It’s getting clean, my man. Good day to be alive.”
I’ll continue to frown and angrily blow this dust away if that’s alright with you, Carlos. A laser grid appeared over my face. Why the hell are there laser’s in a worm? A voice boomed over the loud speaker.
“Smile. Enjoy this moment. Sing. Dance. Blow. And Smile.”
I shifted my eyes around searching for the spy.
“First time getting caught, huh?” Turns out Carlos is also rather astute. “Better smile. Or else.”
Is he threatening me? Is this happy-go-lucky, Obi-Wan Kenobi son of a–
“Fifteen demerits.”
Did I miss something? “What’s that mean?”
“Damn, Splinter. Don’t you know anything?”
When did I become Splinter? I don’t want to call him Carlos anymore now.
“You earn points based on the worm’s happiness. If you’re happy, the worm’s happy. If you aren’t, then you lose points.”
“I don’t need points, Car.” Car? That was weak.
“Fifty points will nearly get you a halfway decent lunch. You hear me, Splinter? Twenty points buys you five minutes of fresh air. You’ll want that.”

Published by tony espino

a human. for now.

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