Talentless | employee three

I watch George and Sylvia venture up to the third floor with the lantern. They must be going to the closet where employee three, who never told anyone her name, hung herself. It’s one of the only places inside the worm those two could go to make out like they’re sixteen again. I was in that closet once before, but the only female in there with me was employee three.

It was my first day inside the worm. My assignment: To free employee three from her noose. There was still a lantern glowing in there when the door closed behind me. She hung there lifeless, talentless. I would find this would come to describe most of my co-workers here whether hanging or not. I can’t remember the last time I was able to stare at a female for so long without her reaching for the pepper spray. I was able to get her down with a set of premium titanium garden shears. Dead bodies fall hard. She looked so fragile, and barely capable of doing herself harm that surely I thought…well I didn’t think enough because–Her soulless skull split my lip open. Something left an interesting taste in my mouth. My blood or her hair? What type of shampoo did she use before hanging herself? I wanted to smell her hair. I knew there was a secret waiting to unfold if I did. But I was superstitious about death entering through my nose.

Published by tony espino

a human. for now.

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