The Forbidden Love of The Dolphin-People

I begin this piece after a long hour in isolation with two dolphin-people. Very much human in nature with dorsal fins and bottlenoses. They met each other at a convention for shark-people. Neither had ever met another dolphin-person before and were hoping for maybe a dolphin-person on shark-person connection. But when the female dolphin-person tried flopping about in front of some greaser shark-men she was met with rotten tomatoes and ridicule.

The male dolphin-person was in the weight room of the hotel where the convention was taking place. He was preparing his muscles to meet a luscious shark-lady. He jumped in an elevator after his workout to head down to the convention floor. When the door opened a sad dolphin-lady entered with her head hung low never making eye contact with him. Dolphin-man was ready to get out, but seeing this beauty made him change his mind. He was ready for love with a dolphin-woman.

“Sup, girl? My name’s Romeo. What you so sad about?”
“Why don’t shark-men think I’m hot? Wait…are you a dolphin-dude?”
“Baby, I’m all dolphin-dude.”
“Oh my name’s not Baby. It’s Juliette. Like that actress Juliette Lewis.”
“Right. What you say we do what dolphin-people do?”
“Nah, girl Juliette. I mean love.”

That’s when I got on the elevator. They were creeping me out so I hit the button for my floor and waited for it to slowly take me there. We came to a halt, but it wasn’t at my floor. Or any floor. We were stuck. The dolphin-people were sweating, and I could feel the sexual tension between them building. They stared at me with dismissive eyes as if I was preventing the flow of their love. And in a way I was. They didn’t want me to see that kind of action going down.

I learned a lot of things listening to them fall in love. Mostly, that their parents would never approve of their relationship since they were both anomalies born to shark-people parents. Dolphin-people were considered oddities, and surely two dolphin-people falling in love would only lead to mutant babies. This would bring shame upon their shark-people parents. Faced with such insurmountable obstacles I knew I had to help. I poisoned them both.

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