Phantom Vol. 1

Phantom is the story, told by a narrator behind the wheel of a car, about a Phantom made out of loneliness by a Mad Lady. His unusual adventures begin when he becomes part of someone’s art collection against his will. Each folder entry seems to be composed of two parts: the narrator’s own journal entry and … More Phantom Vol. 1


Originally posted on tony.espino:
TONY ESPINO STAND UP V1.1 ORIGINAL DRAFT 6/25/15 INT. COMEDY CLUB – NIGHT ELROY is standing on stage. OLIVE is the only audience member. ELROY How’s everyone doing tonight? OLIVE Big mistake. Never ask that question! ELROY OK. One audience member who was able to make it out tonight. OLIVE…

Lousy – Dream Big

COLD OPEN INT. JAKE AND CARLA’S KITCHEN – NIGHT JAKE sits at the kitchen table. CARLA enters and pours herself a glass of Scotch. She sits across from Jake. CARLA Well, you look like shit. JAKE Sorry, Carla. I’m just really depressed. Feel so alone in this world. CARLA Don’t worry about it. It’s cute. JAKE … More Lousy – Dream Big

Riding Shotgun With The Gal Who Sells Futures Door-To-Door

“And then your mother will say something that will upset you very much. Something she may even regret.” “Get out. I want a refund, and I want you to get out.” “I don’t do refunds.” “You will do a refund. My mother has been a corpse for eighteen years. This whole thing is a scam!” … More Riding Shotgun With The Gal Who Sells Futures Door-To-Door