Happiness – Writing Sample (15 min. episode part of Psychedelic Lunchbox an animated comedy anthology )

Psychedelic Lunchbox is an animated anthology series stuffed with elements of dark humor, sci-fi, fantasy, surrealism and absurdism depicting slice of life moments that explore such topics as loneliness, parenting, beliefs and the horrors of work. Each episode begins with someone opening their lunchbox to reveal a variety of food items nestled among a field of mushrooms, woodland creatures and other psychedelic scenery that varies every time. To introduce each episode a mysterious hand sifts through these items and picks up something specific to that show’s story. This can be an item, a character, a piece of scenery, or even a character’s thoughts or feelings. Each episode of Psychedelic Lunchbox will have a running time of 5 to 12 minutes and can be thought of as a blend of Tales From The Loop and The Shivering Truth with a dash of Welcome To Night Vale.

Episode: Happiness
After her roommates explode from blasting the happiness too high a college woman is left unable to pay the bill. When the happiness company shuts off her utilities she resorts to ancient rituals for acquiring true happiness only to learn she’s violated the terms and conditions of life.


Phantom Vol. 1

Phantom is the story, told by a narrator behind the wheel of a car, about a Phantom made out of loneliness by a Mad Lady. His unusual adventures begin when he becomes part of someone’s art collection against his will. 
Each folder entry seems to be composed of two parts: the narrator’s own journal entry and the story of the Phantom. The pages were lost and scattered over time and are just now beginning to be discovered. Volume 1 has been assembled in the same order in which the pages have been found to this point.